Models runway

Models of the Runway is a continuation of Project Runway. It runs concurrent to the series and features the models that are also competing in Project Runway. Before Models of the Runway is the first time viewers are invited to see what happens behind the scenes of the main show. It is also hosted by Heidi Klum. Tim Gunn also appears at the end of each episode to bid the model farewell and remind her that she must pack up and head home.

The models are housed together each season, like their companion designers on Project Runway. Consequently, many friendships, some conflicts, and occasional animosities can be observed. Also, because fashion modeling is a competitive occupation, Models of the Runway examines rivalries among the models, relationships with the fashion designers, cosmetic techniques, and individual personalities, as well as career histories and aspirations.

The series has been canceled. It ran for two seasons on the Lifetime network from August 2009 until April 2010 and corresponded to Season 6 and Season 7 of Project Runway.


Season 1Edit

Kojii Helnwein
Vanessa Fitzgerald
Emarie Wiltz
Matar Cohen
Ebony Jointer
Katie Sticksel
Valerie Roy
Erika Macke
Lisa Blades
Tara Egan
Fatma Dabo
Erica Milde
Celine Chua
Kalyn Hemphill
Tanisha Harper

Models of the runway
The first season of Models of the Runway is a spin-off of the 6th season of Project Runway.


  1. Off the Runway
  2. They Love Me, They Love Me Not
  3. Frenemies
  4. It's My Party and I'll Wear What I Want To
  5. Chic Clique
  6. Hot Mess
  7. You're My Pumpkin Pie
  8. A Fresh Start
  9. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  10. Burlesque Babies
  11. It's a Sticky Situation
  12. NY, Here We Come
  13. Bryant Park Bound
  14. Moving Forward, Looking Back



Season 2Edit

Elizaveta Melnitchenko
Holly Ridings
Kristina Sajko
Alison Gingerich
Sarah Bell
Monique Darton
Valeria Leonova
Brittany Oldehoff
Kelly Gervais
Lorena Angjeli
Megan Davis
Cerri McQuillan
Brandise Danesewich
Kasey Ashcraft
Sophia Lee

Models of the runway 2
The second season of Models of the Runway is a spin-off of the 7th season of Project Runway.


  1. Walk This Way
  2. Excuse Me, Is My Butt Showing?
  3. Modeling Difficulties
  4. Heart to Heart
  5. I'm Ready for My Close-Up
  6. Role Models
  7. Hard to Wear
  8. It’s a Hairy Situation
  9. To Pick Me or Not to Pick Me...
  10. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  11. Second Chances
  12. What Do You Mean, I'm Not Going to Bryant Park...?
  13. Finale