Season 8, Episode 7
What's Mine Is Yours
Air date September 9, 2010
Guest Judge Kristin Bell
Who's In April Johnston
Who's Out Casanova
You Can Totally Wear That Again
A Rough Day on the Runway
Resort Wear at its Finest


Contestants must create fashionable resort wear, but after sketching their designs they must pass on their ideas to a rival, who must then execute the look perfectly, matching the designer's visions.


The winner will gain immunity for the next challenge, and cannot be eliminated.


Because of previous challenges, Michael C. is not very much respected by the other competitors and Mondo is very much surprised when they are chosen to be partners. Later in the episode,


  • Judge Michael Kors leaves the panel momentarily, showing up in the workroom with his off the wall comments
  • Mondo and Michael C.'s surprisingly fast-developing relationship
  • Kristen Bell's strong approval of April's design, saying she could "wear it on the red carpet"

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "If you’re dark, make dark resort. There are those customers." - Tim Gunn
  • "It just looks like a weird assemblage of clothes from Forever 21 that were on the sales rack." (on Mondo's look) - Michael Kors
  • "It looks very inexpensive and it looks very junior." (on Mondo's look) - Nina Garcia


Who's In: April surprisingly, for a sexy, silky, withering design

Who's Out: Casanova says adios to Project Runway

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